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Choosing the Right Program for YOU!

1. My Study Abroad Profile

Download the Study Abroad Profile and complete the questionnaire that will help us assist you in finding the best study abroad program for you. Bring the completed form to your study abroad adviser in Office of International Education.

2. What type of program is right for me?

Rider has exchange partner schools in the following countries: Australia, Austria, England, France, Italy, Japan, Northern Ireland, Spain and South Korea. We also offer internship abroad programs.

3. Consider these questions

  • When is the best time to go abroad?
  • Where do I want to study abroad?
  • Which program best fits my budget?

All students should meet with a Study Abroad Adviser to discuss study abroad goals.

4. Do I need courses in my major/minor discipline?

Search for courses in your major/minor using the Advanced Search engine.

5. Do I want to study a foreign language?

Search for programs with your target language by using the Advanced Search engine.

6. Do I need extra funding?

Many programs offer scholarship funds to study abroad students. Please come to the Scholarship Workshop to help you submit the winning scholarship application!

7. Do I want to participate in a Internship or Service Learning Program?

Search for programs for Internships and Service Learning using the Advanced Search engine.

Rider Students in the UK