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How to Apply

Study Abroad Application Guidelines

1. Brainstorm Ideas

Begin by exploring our program information and talking to your adviser and your parents about your interest in studying abroad. We also encourage students to look at the variety of opportunities that each program has to offer and how it may suit your academic goals. Be sure to consider possible scholarship sources listed on our web page.

2. Complete the "My Study Abroad Profile" Form

"My Study Abroad Profile" helps you to think through your goals and what you are looking for in a program. Download the Study Abroad Profile form. pdf

3. Meet with a Study Abroad Advisor

Bring your "Profile" with accompanying required documents to the Office of International Education staff. You can request a one-on-one advising session through the Appointment Request system. You can also call us at (609)-896-7717 or email us at to schedule an appointment with an adviser.

4. Apply

To begin your Rider Study Abroad Application, go to the program page and click the "Apply Now" button. Please complete the essay and request professors to write recommendations for you on this page. Please note that a $125 application fee is required to Study Abroad. Students must submit all materials including their official transcript by the appropriate deadline.

Please view the following step-by-step video for an explanation of the application process:

Spring study abroad: September 15
Fall study abroad: March 15
Summer study abroad: February 15

Please note: If you are applying for scholarships from external organizations and need to be approved for your program before the deadlines, then please make an appointment to meet with Kim Algeo.

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Procedures for Study Abroad Applications

1. Rider's Strategic Vision

Rider University’s strategic vision is to make study abroad opportunities available for all students who intend to study abroad. The university supports and encourages all students at Rider to experience the benefits of studying abroad, which includes experiencing a new country and its culture.

As a result of Rider students recognizing that studying abroad is an opportunity of a lifetime, the Office of International Education has seen a significant increase in applications for studying abroad. To best accommodate this increase, the OIE is implementing a new timeline for processing study abroad applications.

2. Application Procedures

All study abroad applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. A complete list of currently available programs can be found here: Featured Programs.

3. Special Considerations

Special consideration will be given to students who select programs with academic offerings that enhance their academic major or minor or are necessary to complete their Rider degree on time. In addition, students with unique timing issues, such as graduating seniors or education majors who can only study abroad during their sophomore year or junior fall term, will be given special consideration as needed.

4. Faculty Led & Summer Programs

Rider University continues to offer a broad variety of study abroad programs to ensure the greatest level of opportunity and access for our students. As such, the application processes for Rider’s Faculty-Led programs, summer study abroad programs and Rider’s Service Learning program remain unchanged. Short-term programs continue to have a set allotment of spaces as indicated in their program brochures while summer study abroad sessions have no space restrictions.

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